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External insulin pump Essay - 4125 Words

Benefits and Drawbacks of an External Insulin Pump and a Case Study (Essay Sample) Content: External insulin pumpNameCourseInstitutionInstructors NameDate External insulin pumpBenefits and drawbacks of external insulin pump therapy Patients are currently diagnosed with diabetes mellitus in the developed world at an increasing rate. It is, therefore, indispensable for health care providers, families, caregivers, and patients to maintain the newest evidence based knowledge of effective, efficient, reliable, and affordable strategic management of diabetes mellitus. External insulin pump therapy is one of the methods of controlling diabetes mellitus that has been associated with improved quality of life, prevention of acute complications of insulin therapy such as hypoglycaemia incidents, and avoiding chronic complications of diabetes mellitus such as retinopathy, nephropathy, angiopathy, and neuropathy due to a good control of blood glucose. (1) These reasons have resulted in extensive studies, to determine the contribution of external insulin pumps in managing diabetic patients, exploring its functions, reviewing its criteria for use, highlighting its advantages and disadvantages, and considering different aspects of nursing management with external insulin pump therapy. Meta-analysis of current and available literature comparing continuous insulin infusion with external insulin pump and daily multiple injections of insulin demonstrates significant benefits of external insulin pump in controlling diabetes mellitus and its complications. (2) Advantages of external insulin pump include improved percentages of glycated haemoglobin, glycemic control, flexibility, and to sustain positive outcome in managing complications of the disease or insulin therapy for as long as five years. (1,2,3) However, the use of external insulin pump has experienced drawbacks such as reluctance of some facilities in instituting training in pump initiation, lack of resources, interests, and skills, which anecdotally act as a rate limiting step in the use of extern al insulin pump. This paper critically analyzes and evaluates the current evidence based benefits and drawbacks of external insulin pump therapy, as well as a case study, with particular interest in avoiding hypoglycaemia and improving quality of life in adults with diabetes mellitus.Benefits of external insulin pump The new developed external insulin pumps in the form of mechanical devices have the benefit of functioning as the pancreas resulting in improved glucose control. The pumps have an insulin release system that is responsive to glucose levels; the set basal insulin release rate; and adjustable basal rate of insulin release. (4) These characteristics mimic the physiological secretion of insulin which has the benefit of preventing insulin therapy induced hypoglycaemia, and improving quality of life in diabetic patients for a longer time compared to multiple daily injections. A report on the external insulin pumps revealed that their insulin release resulted in almost equival ent average of blood glucose values without either gain in weight or incidents of clinical hypoglycaemia. The main benefit of these external insulin pumps is their continuous insulin delivery in the body, which ensure constant availability of insulin at acceptable levels. (5) The mechanism is similar to the normal physiology of the body which is beneficial in avoiding problems of accelerated atherosclerosis resulting from peripheral hyperinsulinaemia associated with injections. This advantage is attributed to improved quality of life and effective glucose control without hypoglycaemic events being experienced by diabetic patients. External insulin pump improves quality of life significantly, considering that the patient is relieved from the agony of at least two insulin injections daily, external insulin pump is predictable, and easy to use. In addition, the external insulin pump uses one delivery needle for two to three days, as opposed to the multiple daily injections which uses a t least two delivery needles per day. (6) The benefits have been augmented by the availability of different sizes of external insulin pump which fits individuals priority and preference. A systematic review of previous literature indicated that external insulin pump provides effective and safer management as evidenced by improved glycated haemoglobin, fewer episodes of hypoglycaemia compared to injections, dietary freedom, and independence for flexibility. (4) It provides psychological health because the patient feels some autonomy over the disease, and it is inter-related to physical well being. The findings indicated an improved quality of life through treatment satisfaction, emotional well being, and stable health status. External insulin pump offers recommendable glucose control; fewer variables to manipulate, and patient friendly meal times. (7) This ensures improved quality of life because the family caring for the patient has the freedom, flexibility, and can perform daily ac tivities with spontaneity as compared to families taking care of a patient under multiple daily injections to control the disease. (5) It is evident that most patients prefer changing from multiple daily injections to an external insulin pump despite a few challenges encountered because of its perceived better health and management benefits. Effective long-term management of diabetic patients is designed in regard of functional capacity as opposed to age, and this is achievable through the use of external insulin pump as the most beneficial treatment modality to improve the quality of life. (8) The functional capacity results from the ability of external insulin pump to control the glucose level while the patient performs daily activities without the risk of developing hypoglycaemia, undergoing the stressful life modification associated with intensive management, and complications of daily multiple injections. Despite some restrictions that the patient must sleep with the pump throu ghout the night, external insulin pumps have tubes of various lengths to make the patient comfortable while sleeping. (9) Health care providers are advised to initiate glucose management with the use of external insulin pump rather than other methods such as injections. (6) External insulin pump therapy has further qualitative benefits more than improvements in the glycaemic control and the associated reduction in the risk of hypoglycaemia for people suffering from diabetes. Over a longer duration, external insulin pump technology establishes a positive relationship between specialist healthcare provider and patient despite the short term challenges reported when switching from multiple daily injections to external insulin pump therapy. (10, 11,) These attributes of external insulin pump make it suitable for preventing hypoglycaemic incidents while improving the quality of life. In a study to explore the benefits of external insulin pump, its role in association with continuous real time glucose monitoring system and perception of patients and caregivers on external insulin pump strategy, there were numerous benefits of external insulin pump identified. (12, 13) The findings of the research show that the prevention of hypoglycaemia incidents is the most perceived benefit, followed by the ability of the method to eliminate hypoglycaemia related anxiety, then the ease of managing patterns, improved control of diabetes mellitus, improved quality of life among patients and health care providers, and it makes care for diabetic patients easier than with other methods such as multiple daily injections which can precipitate hypoglycaemia. (9, 14) These benefits are common and act as the main driving force convincing diabetic patients, to indulge in the use of external insulin pump. External insulin pump therapy is an attractive treatment modality for patients suffering from type 1 diabetes, particularly, in young adults resulting in patients opting for external insu lin pump therapy instead of injection therapy. Although, previous studies have accounted for the views and experiences of patients with external insulin pump, very few focused on the benefits of this therapy which are evident in the current reviews. (10, 15) Patients learn the benefits or advantages of external insulin pump as well as its contribution in improving the quality of life formally from a healthcare professional, informally from the internet or friends, or through experience. These benefits have fuelled the wide global introduction of external insulin pump therapy, acted as a reason for the rapid transition, to pump therapy, and the general improvement in the context of social life for diabetic patients and their caregivers. Systematic review of the available literature on external insulin pump therapy shows that the main benefit of external insulin pump therapy is the achievement of the most pursued stable control of glucose levels and a comfortable lifestyle despite suf fering from diabetes mellitus.(13, 16) The reviews highlight that external insulin pump has the advantage of enabling diabetic patients to control their ailments, achieve the best diabetic control, and the ability to socialize without the risk of hypoglycaemic complications. Improved control, flexible lifestyle, socialization, absence of dietary restrictions, and the ability of diabetic patients to carry out their daily functions when they use external insulin pump therapy proves the improved quality of life in diabetic patients. (17) Drawbacks of external insulin pump It is important to be aware of the drawbacks to external insulin pump therapy. One of the drawbacks of external insulin pump is under delivery of insulin dose due to precipitation within the pump. It is caused by precipitation in the external insulin pump which interrupts insulin infusion during therapy. This disadvantage makes the patient vulnerable to complicated hype...

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Is Giving Good For You - 1489 Words

Is Giving Good for you? People give back to the community through many ways such as volunteering time and donating money. Some may feel a sense of duty to give back to society either in a direct or indirect way. Having more free time can also provide people with the opportunity to volunteer and stay socially connected to others. Volunteering can create an avenue to maintain life satisfaction and psychological well-being (Morrow-Howell, 2010). Research has been completed that indicates helping others has a positive effect on the benefactor (Piliavin, 2003). Through scientific research previously conducted, this essay will argue that volunteering has a positive effect on the psychological well-being of seniors. A 2013 study (Kahana, Bhatta, Lovegreen, Kahana and Midlarsky’s) aimed to investigate the positive and negative effect that volunteering has on the psychological well-being of elders. The correlational study conducted over a five year period, concluded pro-social activities had an influence on positive affect, life satisfaction and other psychological well-being outcomes. 1,000 participants above the age of 72 were randomly selected from retirement communities across the West Coast of Florida with the vast majority (80%) being retired. Respondents participated in an initial face-to-face interview and were asked a series of questions relating to four dependant variables; Life satisfaction, positive and negative affect and depressive symptomatology. Each factor wasShow MoreRelatedDonation Of Human Organs : Organ Donation905 Words   |  4 Pagesto get a transplant? What if you or someone else could donate it for them? As of June 21, 2013 there are 118,617 people waiting on li fe-saving organ transplant. Organ donation is a noble act, and anyone can do it. Most people that donate are the ones that do it after death. The reason for this is to help someone that needs the donation. Organ donation promotes a general principle of giving and selflessness; it would help with medical cost, and can be effective by giving someone a second chance at lifeRead MorePublic Speaking Essay878 Words   |  4 Pagesclass to ask a question can be overwhelming as well as feeling like other students are making fun of you for asking that question. How can someone build the confidence in him or her to be able to overcome stage freight to become a speaker or a leader? For some, speaking in front of a crowd comes natural, but should we prepare our self before giving a speech or does being a natural speaker help with giving a speech with out a rehearsal? Public speaking does not come easy for everyone. For most, it isRead MoreThe Selfless Act Of Charity907 Words   |  4 PagesCharity, the voluntary giving of help, typically in the form of money, to those in need, is of course morally right. The act of giving to the people in need, to any organization, let it be through money, clothes, food or your time is a selfless act. But once you are rewarded or urged to commit such a good deed, is it actually charity work? If someone is gaining an incentive for charitable acts then the word â€Å"voluntary† does not apply to what that person is doing. Voluntary means done, given, or actingRead MorePay It Forward Essay923 Words   |  4 Pagescommunication as: the act of mutual giving and receiving. This act of mutual giving and receiving is very apparent in the story told in the movie. In order to communicate it is necessary for both people to, be willing to receive information and furthermore then be willing and able to give information, which is what was necessary for the project Trevor created in the movie. The process is not as quite as simplistic as it may seem. Theres a lot that goes into giving a gift, along with communicatingRead MoreAnalyzing The Ways Are You re Good At Math?1602 Words   |  7 Pages 1. In what ways are you â€Å"smart† at math? Highlight all of the things you’re good at. (Everyone is good at some of these things and no one is good at all of them!) †¢ making observations †¢ making predictions †¢ finding patterns †¢ drawing diagrams †¢ remembering vocabulary †¢ estimating †¢ organizing information into tables or charts †¢ using symbols †¢ visualizing †¢ making conjectures †¢ tinkering with problems †¢ using math language †¢ thinking abstractly †¢ explaining my thinking out loud †¢ explainingRead MorePersuasive Speech : Being Honest And Rude1243 Words   |  5 Pagesme† they can interpret it as giving brutal, hurtful feedback. I hear it way too often; people will insult others and say, Well, I m just honest. But there is a fine border between being honest and rude, when I think of honesty, I think of benefiting someone in a way that will boost their confidence and not bring them down and have to question what they wear or how they look. They should feel better and grow from honesty. Which is the way that it should be, giving your honest opinion should beRead MorePsy 390 Operant Conditioning Essay851 Words   |  4 Pagesconsequence good or bad. A simple example of this might be if you were to reward a child with a cookie for giving a correct response on a math problem. By giving them the cookie it positively reinforces that response into becoming a learned behavior and the child will want to do well at math so they can have the cookies (Olson amp; Hergenhahn, 2009). There are two sides to this coin however, you can condition a person to exhibit a positive behavior by giving them positive reinforcement and you can alsoRead MoreCharity Organization, The Giving Pledge Essay610 Words   |  3 Pages1. Explain what â€Å"The Giving Pledge† is, and give an outline of the different attitudes presented in texts 2 and 3. â€Å"The Giving Pledge† is an organization for rich American people. This charity organization consists of many wealthy people like Bill Gates who is the co-founder of Microsoft. Bill Gates launched this campaign and all the members have different causes. Bill Gates wants to support improvements of the medical difficulties, for example Bill Gates want to make vaccines reach everyone inRead MoreEssay on Aristotle’s Views on Virtue703 Words   |  3 Pagesis talking about how if you are designed to do one thing, it is impossible to do the opposite no matter how hard you force it. He talks about how we gain our virtues by practicing them and using them on a regular basis. That is how we learn everything in life. Just doing nice things doesn’t make you a virtuous person; first you must have the knowledge, then act, and then finally do it with an unchanging character (N.E. II. 4). In doing that you must also have only good will in mind, for any otherRead MoreArg umentative Essay : Risky Giving1317 Words   |  6 Pages â€Å"Risky Giving† In the Name of the Father and of the + Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. â€Å"Oh, you shouldn’t have. It’s too nice. It’s too expensive. I don’t deserve it. You shouldn’t have bothered†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"You bought me a present? Why would you do such a thing? Oh, I know you think you’re being generous, but the foundation of gift giving is reciprocity. You haven’t given me a gift. You’ve given me an obligation.† (Sheldon Cooper, Big Bang Theory) And that’s how our world – and our sinful nature – understands

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The Life Of Immigrants From The United States - 852 Words

The Life of Immigrants Immigrants back home have many reasons to leave their countries, because of the economic situation in the countries. They leave their countries to get a better life. Most of them want to feel democratic and security. Most people leave their counties, because of less jobs opportunities and the governments are unfair to the citizen. People have so many reasons why they leave their countries. Some leave their counties because of religious, and they don’t have freedom of speech or to express themselves. When People are being oppress my government they leave their counties to find a better place. Many people from different religious and different culture come to the United States to look for a better life. Some are getting away from religious and political persecution while others come to search out the American Dream†. Some leave for circumstance, some for experience and some to escape abusive administrations that undermine their rights or religions. Not every nation has good financial support. Numerous workers leave their nations in the trusts they will discover higher-paying occupations, preferred schools and more secure homes. The younger generation leave their counties because they discovered new job and new life styles. Political and religious oppression still runs widespread in a few sections of the world. In specific ranges, the individuals who rehearse a specific religion may be derided or focused by nearby legislators and may even faceShow MoreRelatedImmigration Is Up Of The United States1274 Words   |  6 PagesHist 152 Essay Assignment Question 1 Immigration makes up of the United States. The life of an immigrant faces many struggles. Coming to the United States is a very difficult time for immigrant, especially when English is not their first language. In Oscar Handlin’s essay, Uprooted and Trapped: The One-Way Route to Modernity and Mark Wyman’s Coming and Going: Round Trip to America, both these essays describes the life of immigrants living in America and how they are able to make a decent amount ofRead MoreThe Impact Of Immigration On The United States971 Words   |  4 Pageshaving immigrants in the United States? What is the impact of immigrants in the United States economic system? How can we define the history of immigration in the United States? According to Nancy Kleniewski, â€Å"It has often been said that the United States is a nation of immigrants. Immigration has been a long-term trend, but both the locations where immigrants settle and the places from which they come have changed over the years† (Kleniewski, 169). For a very long time in the United States, thereRead MoreMexican Immigration in the United States of America Essay1182 Words   |  5 PagesComing from a life of poverty and despair would be enough cause for anyone to search for a better life; a life in which there is a belief that all of your biggest dreams can come true. This is the belief that many immigrants have about the United States. They naively believe for it to be the â€Å"land of opportunity†. Originally the United States was founded and settled by immigrants. Many immigrants, such as Mexicans, Eastern Europeans, Jews, and others from countries around the world came to AmericaRead MoreUndocumented Immigrants And The United States Essay973 Words   |  4 Pagesundocumented immigrants to cross the united states do with the poverty in the country, high level of education in the united states, and the better opportunity of jobs. Many immigrants decide to emigrate from their country of birth to seek a new opportunity for all the family, but analyze the information is not only one culture a lot of different cultures immigrant to have a better life in the united states. Undocumented immigration is a big issue in the united states because many immigrants come to liveRead MoreImmigration And The United States1570 Words   |  7 PagesImmigration has been around since the early 20th century. Right now there are more than 11 million immigrants living in the United States. They come from all over the world but a lot of people think they all come from Central America or South America. They come to the United States looking for a better life than wha t they had back home. Most of them either come alone or they bring their families with them. If they are closer to the border, they might even try to cross the border illegally. They comeRead More The Experience of Immigrants in the United States Essay969 Words   |  4 PagesThe Experience of Immigrants in the United States Works Cited Not Included The United States has been a host to a wide diaspora of people. Immigrants have had to transition from their familiar land to a new-fashioned foreign land that they must consider home. They bring with them the essence of their initial homeland such as customs, traditions and beliefs that inadvertently change the dynamics of culture within the United States. As a result the United States is an extremely culturallyRead MoreImmigrants Should Not The American Dream1305 Words   |  6 PagesAllowing immigrants to enjoy the American Dream has been a controversial topic for quite some time. Many people argue that immigrants should not be able to enjoy the American Dream simply because they are not American. Others argue that anyone should be allowed to enjoy the American Dream because everyone deserves a chance at success. Immigrants should be allowed to enjoy the American Dream because American is a free country, immigrants can’t help what situation they were born into, and imm igrants positivelyRead MoreImmigration And The United States1139 Words   |  5 Pagesin the United States. In its simplest form, the term immigration is defined by Oxford Dictionaries as the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country. For centuries, people from around the world have immigrated to America for many reasons, such as political freedom, religious freedom, refuge and economic opportunity. They leave their countries and travel to America to find opportunities that they were not able to find in their country of origin. A large amount of immigrants residingRead MoreIllegal Immigrants And The United States Essay1594 Words   |  7 Pagesillegal immigrants originate to the United States. From all around a world, individuals want to arise toward America for an improved existence for them and their families. America is a freedom-oriented country, where everybody has right how to live their life in their own conditions. I myself, I remain immigrant as well. I ca me to U.S.A. 5 years ago. American culture remains actual diverse somewhat from other cultures. In this country, we all get the liberty to live our life. The United States has permittedRead MoreThirty-One Years Ago, My Parents Were Illegal Immigrants1582 Words   |  7 Pagesparents were illegal immigrants that came to The United States to reach the American dream just like a U.S. Citizen. With hard work, dedication, and with the help of an amnesty they were able to reach their goals and provide a good reputation to this country. But how do illegal immigrants benefit The United States? Government budget surplus, agriculture food prices and the economy are one of many reasons why illegal immigrants reflect an important benefit in The United States. Going back to history

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Disposable Baby Bibs for Sloan Management-

Question: Discuss about theDisposable Baby Bibs for Sloan Management. Answer: Introduction The parents who have to carry their babies around especially when flying or going to a meeting eventually meet the challenge of maintaining a clean look for these children. It becomes vitally important that these parents have baby bibs which they can use to ensure the health and cleanliness of their children. The new baby bibs are designed with the purpose of ensuring a clean look for the children without having to carry a lot of clothes to change them. The following is a proposal for the business idea indicating the overview of the business, its benefits to the industry, the proposed business model, and the critical success factors, the feasibility of the idea as well as the conclusion and recommendations for the same. Overview of the Business Idea Baby bibs have been widespread within the industry but the challenge they offer is that they must be cleaned over time. As a result, parents who have to carry their children aged from few months old to about 3 years are expected not only to carry a number of clothes for the children but also the to carry a number of baby bibs which to ensure the baby remains clean. As a result, the idea of disposable baby bibs is important as it brings the solution to not carrying multiple bibs at a time or carrying more clothes to change the children. The disposable baby bibs will help to ensure the children are clean at all times since they are easily disposed of and are of small sizes, thus reducing the baggage that the parents have to carry when they travel with the children (Kapferer, 2012). The materials to be used can easily be accessed from local stores as they are still the ones utilized by the normal bibs, but with slight modifications. As a result, the cost of starting up the business will be low and funds can be sourced from fundraisers, support from friends and family members as well as through loans from financial institutions. Benefits Generated by the Idea There are many benefits brought about by the idea of having disposable baby bibs. One of these ideas is the aspect of cleanliness of the children. According to Grafl, (2017), children are difficult to handle especially because they do not understand what they are doing. As a result, their feeding habits are different and thus cause them to spill most of their foods on their clothes (Landa, 2016). The new disposable baby bibs will help to eliminate this challenge especially because they will maintain the cleanliness of the children as well as be disposed of easily without the need to clean them (Hoffman, and Fodor, 2010). Another benefit that is brought about by such disposable baby bibs is reducing the bulk of clothes and bibs that the parents of the children are expected to carry. According to Hukin, Dennis, Turner, Sethna, (2016), the overall number of clothes that a parent caries amounts to about 4 or 5 depending on the days activities that their child will be involved in and the meals they will be taking. Since the baby bibs are disposable and light, then they will reduce the bulk carried by a parent, which is a challenge that they have been facing over time. Proposed Business Model The proposed business model for the new baby bibs will be a direct sale business model. According to Ifeanyichukwu, Peter, (2018), this approach is directed towards ensuring the customers receive their products directly from the shops in the manufacturing facility. Instead of having many distributors from various shops, the direct sale approach will be used due to its versatility in having more customers and verification of the packages before they are taken to these consumers. According to Funk, (2013), the approach will help to maintain the customers who will be linked to the business since the sales will require their details to be filled for communication and advertisement purposes. Therefore, both social media and email marketing practices can be utilized to ensure most of the customers remain loyal to the firm. Critical Success Factors There are various success factors to consider for the business to be successful. These factors are: Proper Marketing Strategy One of the essential aspects to consider is the marketing to be done for the disposable baby bibs is to use social media promotion, use of billboards, posters and even television advertisements. According to Gunelius, (2011), these marketing styles will help the new firm gain popularity as well as ensure that most of the customers remain loyal to the firm. Meeting Customer Needs An essential way to ensure the brand is popular and successful in the market is to meet customer needs. As an approach to ensure that customer needs are met effectively, it is important that the business inquiries from the consumers of their needs, which challenges they face with the products and also what they can improve on the same (Huang, 2017). Product Differentiation By ensuring that the new product in the market is highly differentiated, it is possible that the consumers will purchase more of the same. The differentiating factor for this product is its ability to be disposed of, which ensures that they can be used properly and disposed at any time. Feasibility of the Idea The idea of having Disposable baby bibs is highly feasible and can be applied properly within a short span. Through proper use of available resources, it is possible that the new baby bibs will gain popularity for better sales within the industry. Moreover, the disposable baby bibs are a key requirement especially for the people who have to carry their children to places where the possibility of cleaning the baby bibs is limited (Kubacki, 2014). Moreover, places such as daycares can utilize these disposable baby bibs when feeding the small babies, thus ensuring they remain clean and that they do not have extra work to clean the bibs every few hours. Recommendation Since the disposable baby bibs are a new idea, it is important to first ensure that the market understands the existence of the product as well as its prices. This is important as it will help the consumers get a clear view of how the same fairs with the current products to purchase it (Kim, Kim, and Kim, 2015). Moreover, it is important that the customers ensure to evaluate the overall usability of the same and inform the customers through training during the sales process. The approach is important because it helps the people to understand how they will utilize these products for better outcomes (Kriel, 2013). Conclusion Disposable baby bibs are among the essential products that most of the parents, as well as daycare managers, need to ensure the cleanliness of the children. Through the provision of these disposable bibs, it is paramount that the parents will enjoy the benefits that are brought about by the same, which is efficient in various settings. Therefore, the idea is very feasible and will only result too few costs, thus very much applicable. As a result, it is highly recommended to understand the market needs, costs involved and various ways of obtaining the funds for the same before starting the business. References Funk, T. (2013). Advanced social media marketing: How to lead, introduction, and manage a successful social media program. New York: Apress. Grafl, S. (2017). The development of an authentic Mexican food concept in Europe (Unpublished doctoral dissertation). NOVA School of Business and Economics, Lisbon, Portugal. Gunelius, S. (2011). 30-minute social media marketing: Step-by-step techniques to spread the word about your business fast and free. New York: McGraw-Hill. Hoffman, L., Fodor, M. (2010). Can you quantify the ROI of your social broadcasting marketing? MIT Sloan Management Review. Retrieved from Huang, E. (2017). The amount China spends eating out is greater than the GDP of Sweden. Quartz. Retrieved from Hukin, M., Dennis, D., Turner, M., Sethna, B. (2016, April 7-9). Bring Chipotle to Carrollton. Proceedings of the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR). University of North Carolina Asheville, Asheville, North Carolina. Ifeanyichukwu, C. D., Peter, A. (2018). The role of sensory marketing in achieving customer patronage in fast food restaurants in Awka. International Research Journal of Management, IT and Social Sciences (IRJMIS), 5(2), 155-163. Kapferer, G. (2012). The new strategic brand management: Advanced insights and strategic thinking. London, Philadelphia: Kogan Page. Kim, K. J., Kim, S., Kim, D. (2015). An extended framework for understanding corporate social responsibility: Strategic implications in restaurant settings. In H. G. Parsa, V. Narapareddy (Eds.), Sustainability, social responsibility, and innovations in the hospitality industry (pp. 113-132). New York: CRC Press. Kriel, N. (2013). How to Twitter for business success: Everything business owners need to know about Twitter made easy. England: The Other Publishing Company. Kubacki, K. (2014). Ideas for promotion: Finding the new and enhancing the old: Proceedings of the 2013 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference. Cham: Springer. Landa, R. (2016). Advertising by design: Generating and developing creative ideas across media. Hoboken: Wiley.

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KFC Case Analysis Essay Example

KFC Case Analysis Paper It is of critical importance that we develop a strong understanding of KFC’s current position and of the market in which it competes. The more comprehensive and well-founded our situational analysis is, the stronger our strategic marketing plan will be. I. The character and attractiveness of the U. S. food service and fast-food industries in 1994 The fast-food industry is considered a subsection of the food service industry, or rather a submarket within a broader market. This broader industry, the US food service industry, is in what is known as the maturity stage. Typically, the maturity stage exemplifies the following characteristics: Sales continue but at slower pace. Competition leads to decreased market share or prices. Competing products become very similar and differentiating product becomes both crucial and more difficult As a result, firms need to place their efforts into encouraging competitors’ customers to switch to their product offering, increase usage per customer and even convert non-users into customers. At this stage, the primary goal of a given firm is to maintain market share. The food service industry, as is the fast-food industry, is typified by franchising which became well-established in the early 1950s. The concept held and in 1994 there were over 550, 000 restaurants and food outlets in America. Although the industry in 1994 was slowing, that is not to say that it was not growing. Food service industry sales were forecast to surpass $275 billion and this had grown at an estimated compound annual rate of 3. 9% from 1988 till 1994. This billion dollar industry is dominated by the fast-food and full service segments who commanded annual sales of $86 billion and $85. billion dollars respectively. We will write a custom essay sample on KFC Case Analysis specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on KFC Case Analysis specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on KFC Case Analysis specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer The fast-food segment is prima facie, a very attractive one. Not only did the segment grow 5. 6%, outpacing almost all other food categories but its future is also promising with a forecast of 6. 3% growth in 1994. In addition, the share of industry sales by the fast-food industry has risen by 1. 8 years over the last 5 years showing market dominance and growth. When we consider the fast-food industry specifically, pizza, family restaurants and dinner houses are the winners if e assess growth. The chicken segment, in which KFC competes, grew only 4. 1% as demographics changed and the trend towards healthier eating gained momentum. Figure 1 illustrates the market share held by each of the fast-food categories. However, though there has been seemingly strong growth up until now, assessing market attractiveness inherently involves some element of forecasting as we need not only assess current attractiveness, but future scenarios as well. Consumer preferences in 1994 were changing. There was a move away from fried unhealthy food to healthier options As per the survey in 1994, consumers showed a desire for a greater variety of menu items In this time, consumers also began expecting greater value for their money. This will inevitably have implications on the price strategy pursued by a firm as it puts pressure on lowering price and developing a viable cost structure. Other things being equal, this detracts from market attractiveness as it presents new and problematic challenges for current and potential competing firms. II. The major competitors for KFC KFC’s competitors can be considered in the context of consumers’ purchasing and consumption behaviours. The consumer segments can be classified depending on the benefits sought by the consumer. These benefits include the convenience of a fast food chain such as KFC, the satisfaction resulting from consumption and the attractive prices of the products. The success of the fast-food industry can be partly attributed to its universal appeal of convenience for the consumer in satisfying the basic physiological need for food. KFC’s competitors can be ranked accordingly. Figure ranks the competitors of KFC from the most to least direct competition. Other Fast Food Chains such as McDonalds and Popeyes can be seen as KFC’s biggest competitors in the market as it too, has the competitive advantage of convenience for the consumer. Take away can be seen as less convenient as the time required in attaining the food is greater than fast-food and there is often a need to pre-order to ensure reduced waiting time. Take away is followed by restaurants, and Frozen Dinners, as they are more inconvenient and time consuming. The most indirect competition is meals that have to be cooked at home. When we assess competition in light of taste, competition can be divided into several groups: Chicken Chains: Chains offering a large variety including fried chicken Upscale Chicken Chains Chains that offer other fried products If the consumer segment purchases KFC for reasons of predominantly taste, Chicken Chains such as Popeyes and Chick-A-Fillet would be appropriately considered KFC’s main competitors. However the variety offered by such competitors as McDonalds and Hardees can not only satisfy the needs of the consumers that prefer fried chicken but also those with different preferences. Indirectly KFC is also competing with Fast Food Chains that do not offer fried chicken but does offer other fried products. The strong competition faced by KFC in the market of Fast Food, show that organisations such as McDonalds as the greatest threat. The distribution network of McDonalds and their large variety of meal offering quickly appeals to families. McDonalds offering of Value Meals and lower pricing strategy makes McDonalds an even larger threat to KFC in the market. III. The critical issues faced in 1994 In 1994, KFC Brand Development President Kyle Craig and KFC-USA were faced with several critical issues regarding the growth and development of KFC. Craig expressed that his main concern for KFC was the company’s ability to handle change in the future. However, there were many issues present that affected various aspects of KFC’s corporation, competition and customer. There were numerous critical issues that involved the KFC corporation. One of these issues was the growth of international operations and declining domestic restaurant construction. The expansion of free-standing restaurants was seen as particularly difficult due to the availability of sites and the cost of construction. Another issue affecting the corporation was that of store refurbishment. Due to the age of many KFC restaurants, the expenditure of significant financial resources was required to refurbish and update these older restaurants. Refurbishments were also required to accommodate consumer demand for faster service that included drive through and dine-in options. At the beginning of 1994, Craig noted that limited menu options and significant service problems presented considerable concerns for the business. The limited menu options would owe largely to changing consumer demands and the inability for KFC to stay current and focused. However, the service problems, which partly stem from the outdated systems and facilities in place at KFC, could be largely attributable to the takeover of KFC by PepsiCo in 1986. After acquiring KFC, PepsiCo set about restructuring the KFC organisation, reducing staff numbers and replacing KFC personnel with managers from PepsiCo. The culture at PepsiCo, which was characterised by performance, accountability and the drive for promotion, starkly contrasted the traditional KFC philosophy, which emphasised life-time employment, independence and a relaxed atmosphere. Conflict arose due to the differing organisational cultures and corporate restructuring resulted in morale issues for KFC employees. Employee morale would therefore present itself as a primary critical issue for Craig and KFC as feelings of uncertainty and the pressure to perform essentially hinder the quality of service provided. One other critical issue Craig and KFC were faced with regarding the corporation was that of product distribution and growing the KFC brand domestically. Domestic restaurant growth had slowed in the five years prior to 1994, largely due to the financial expenditure required to build traditional free-standing restaurants. Craig and KFC also faced difficulties with their franchise operations. Difficulties with franchises arose due to two issues. Expansion of franchise location due to contract stipulations was one issue (no new KFC units could be built within a 1. 5 mile radius of an existing KFC store). Where franchise owners had once felt independent of the reign of the corporation (this ultimately led to a stronger sense of devotion to the KFC organisation), new PepsiCo management emphasised tighter control over day-to-day operations, which angered many franchise owners. Some other critical issues that Craig and KFC faced involved meeting the demands of consumers and understanding new, niche consumer markets. By 1994, consumer expectations of the fast-food industry demanded -the provision of quick and efficient service -a greater variety of menu items -value for money -that fast food be available at more non-traditional outlets, for example, airports. Another issue faced by KFC was appealing to the needs of a more health conscious consumer, which would involve adding healthier products options to their menus. Critical issues that involved KFC’s competitors largely revolved around the menu items of various fast-food chains. Throughout the late 1980s, most of KFC’s competition was limited to other fast food chains that offered fried chicken. However, by 1994, KFC faced competition from non-fried chicken chains, primarily the sandwich chains, who had introduced fried chicken products to their menus. This issue was of great importance for Craig and KFC, as it meant they lost business to other fast food chains offering a greater variety of food items across a range of food segments. Another issue faced by Craig and KFC was the addition of new, upscale chicken chains to the market (for example, Boston Chicken and Kenny Roger’s Roasters). These new chains targeted a market niche not previously pursued by KFC, being higher income customers and health conscious customers. Essentially, in 1994, Kyle Craig and KFC-USA were faced with the problem of making the transition from an ‘old’ KFC to a ‘new’ KFC. Any business strategy to be formulated from there on needed to focus largely on the consumer. This would mean encompassing current consumer demands for healthier food options at lower prices, greater variety in food selection and a higher level of service and cleanliness in a greater variety of locations. IV. The industry’s key success factors The key factor within the fast food industry is convenience, and it is this that becomes the common denominator for all other factors in the overall managerial and marketing strategy behind fast food franchises. Pricing: Cheap pricing – appeals to younger demographic and general price perceptions (price aversion) of consumers. The cheap pricing is also implicitly reflective of fast efficient and convenient service as consumers expect less quality and care in their service for the money they have paid. Location: Popularity and breadth of franchising shows importance of location to securing market share. While fast food outlets were originally stores with drive-thru and dine-in facilities, they are becoming ever more prevalent in food courts and in the central business districts. Essentially this means that placing outlets within close locality of people ensures greater convenience. Speed and style of service/delivery: In survey 48% of the subjects said being in a hurry or wanting fast service as major factor in their choice. This means that there is a lower emphasis on the quality of the service offered as long as it is fast and efficient. Fast-food outlets offer drive-thru and home delivery so that customers can purchase their meal with minimal effort. Quality and Variety: Although customers do not expect great quality as the trade-off for fast, convenient service and a low price, they are becoming increasing demanding for a greater variety of foods to choose from. Franchises like McDonalds offer a wide range of foods from healthy options, vegetarian, chicken, beef and fish meals. It is McDonald’s ability to combine variety with convenience is one of the key factors behind its great success in the industry. Demography: Dominant growth of family restaurant chains and dinner houses is attributable changing demographic – move towards over 65s who eat out less often and tend to spend more time eating their meal, prefer sit-down restaurants and are more likely to choose more upscale restaurants such as dinner houses. Studies have shown that the 18-24 age group consume around 5 meals away from home compared to the rest of consumers-proving that they are a valuable component of the food-service industry. Essentially, the food service industry has developed itself to be highly compatible with that of the American lifestyle. Consumers are expecting more for less cost and the fast food industry has provided exactly this, cheap food for fast efficient service, a wide variety of choice that is of ever-increasing quality. V. Recommendations for KFC KFC has been around for a long time spanning over some five decades over which it has gained a strong foothold in the fast-food industry. As the market leader in fried chicken, it can be safe to conclude that KFC is in the maturity stage in the product life cycle. While it currently maintains a dominating presence in the industry, changes in consumer preferences, the entry of new fast food chains and their increasingly out-of-date marketing system threatens to send KFC into the decline stage of the Product Life Cycle unless the organisation takes on certain changes that keep KFC up to date with the current market. The recommendations for change can be directly correlated with the critical issues that KFC faces and are best analysed through the â€Å"4 Ps†, or product, price, placement and promotion, and the â€Å"3 Cs†, or rather competitor, consumer and corporation. Note however that there is significant overlap with the two analyses and in our endeavour to avoid repetition, aspects appropriately discussed in both of the models will only be discussed in one at the exclusion of the other. (i) Product KFC’s primary product is fried chicken and the meals on offer rarely deviate far from this base. By offering fried chicken, KFC has made a niche in the fast-food market devoted completely to chicken and is currently the market leader. This is reflective of KFC’s position on the product life cycle graph at the maturity stage as they have gained a strong foothold in the industry and have to continuously remain competitive. Firstly looking into offering a greater variety of choices that spans across food groups outside of chicken may potentially be a viable option. Expanding the menu across a range of food groups enables KFC to gain a later share of the take-away market. Consumers often walk into stores seeking take away, not necessarily seeking fried chicken in particular so offering a larger range of take-away foods makes KFC a more likely contestant in the choice for dinner. Should KFC choose to remain with the core product of chicken, they can still look into various options of differentiation for their product. Firstly, healthy options would appeal to the ever growing health conscious sector. This could entail menu options such as grilled chicken or barbeque chicken. After seeing the success of the golden rotisserie chicken, one can fairly assume that these options can be potentially profitable. KFC also lacked in meal deals at the time of the article, whereas some take-away outlets offered value meals, KFC merely had products on offer individually, which goes against the core demand from customers- convenience. Offering meal deals enables customers to make quick choices on various meal combinations. This leads to the final product option, within the meal deals, KFC should look at â€Å"kids meals† because young children can potentially make up a large portion of the consumer base. Offering value meals with toys attracts the 2-12 year old age bracket and these types of offerings would KFC on par with other competitors. (ii) Placement As KFC continues along the maturity stage in the product life cycle, the need for well thought out placement of new stores and the refurbishment of existing restaurants comes to the forefront of the organisation’s issues because the organisation is in danger of slipping into decline if it is seen as outdated and inconvenient by consumers. KFC should start off with their conventional free-standing restaurant layout and improve on it. With the old outdated buildings, KFC would improve the outlook as well as the convenience factor in their existing stores. This can be achieved through the installation of more drive-thru and dine-in areas which will minimise overcrowding at the counter. This effectively reduces the service time and increases convenience both of which are key factors critical to the success of KFC in the Take-away market. KFC acknowledged the high cost and difficulty in locating land on which to build new free-standing restaurants. But, with convenience as the key factor, KFC can take this drawback as an opportunity and look at new ‘unconventional’ placements of their products. This can include airports, food courts within shopping malls and in the central business district amongst city buildings. (iii) Price KFC should take advantage of their position at the maturity stage in the product life cycle and offer competitive prices that form a barrier to entry of new competition while emphasising their dominance as the chicken market leader. While convenience is the primary factor for consideration with take-away, consumers are becoming increasingly demanding and expectations for lower prices must be met to maintain or gain market share. Once again, offering ‘meal deals’ creates a sense of â€Å"value† for customers while increasing convenience. (iv) Promotion The primary focus within the promotion should be on the kids meals and meal deals because both implicitly offer good monetary value and convenience. The promotion of the new meal deals could be through the use of coupons, television advertising, radio promotions and importantly, the internet, which would provide a convenient access point of promotion through which the organisation can run various competitions and surveys. Through the internet, KFC can gather information on their consumer base and gain increasing recognition for virtually no cost. Furthermore, becoming active in CSR projects is a good promotion tactic as it helps stop the alienation of big corporate giants like KFC from the public and thus increases its good reputation amongst the community. CSR also helps to boost the morale and strengthen the internal culture of an organisation. The 3 C’s (minus material covered above) KFC is faced with changing consumer expectations. Areas including the improvement of provision of quick and efficient service, a greater variety of menu items, and value for money and availability at more non-traditional outlets require KFC’s immediate and committed efforts to address the dynamic expectations of consumers. One major change must be effected within the corporation. PepsiCo needs to create a more supportive structure and environment for franchise owners, and a softer approach to human resource management to encourage franchise parent relationships and possible synergies. A better internal culture whereby management of different levels communicate and address problems, as opposed to viewing other management as competitors could promote efficiency within the organisation and boost morale within the organisation, and in turn productivity. The above is a detailed ‘snapshot’ of the environment in which KFC and the industry at large participated in 1994. It is clear that Kyle Craig and KFC-USA are faced with significant issues but these are not without the potential for innovation and growth. From this analysis, objectives, strategy and positions can be developed to ensure KFC remains the powerful player that it is.

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Ace the Interview Avoid These Questions!

Ace the Interview Avoid These Questions! The most stressful part of an interview for many people is when you’ve recapped the job responsibilities and your experience and the hiring manager leans back and says, â€Å"So, do you have any questions for me?† The recruiting whiz kids over at Careerealism have compiled a list of red flag questions that would make any employer think twice about your application- all you have to do is remember to ask  anything else.â€Å"Are you going to check my Facebook?†Recent court cases have actually begun to tilt in favor of applicant privacy, but it’s always better not to ask something that makes you look guilty. Before you go in for an interview, double-check your privacy settings and make sure you’ve vetted your friends list. Consider locking your Twitter and Instagram if you tend to be very free with your words there too!â€Å"What are the company perks?†If the company that’s interviewing wants to hire you, odds are they will tell you wha t perks to expect! Hold off until you’re filling out hiring paperwork with HR to ask about things like tech discounts or mileage reimbursements. A roundabout way to uncover the same information is â€Å"What do you love about working here?† or â€Å"How do you find the workplace culture?†Ã¢â‚¬Å"Will I have to work evenings or weekends?†Again, wait until you have a job offer and see what your contract says. Nobody who â€Å"really wants a job† would ask this question- at least that’s how your prospective employer is likely to see it. Even if you know you’ll have childcare or transportation concerns, until the ink is dry, at least create the illusion that the company’s productivity comes before your own!â€Å"What exactly does your company do?†You would be better off kicking your shoes off and taking a nap mid-interview than asking this one. Who applies for a job- or worse, schedules an interview!- without learning at least a little about the company they’re visiting!? Believe me, I’ve been in that frenzied state of applying to e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g, and when I got the exciting interview call or email, I had to quickly Google and find out who on earth I’d just agreed to meet with.Do your research! Have a recent recent article that mentions the company or one of its clients ready to refer to, and have specific questions about this job  in this department. They don’t have to be particularly soul-searching, but they should be focused and reflect actual curiosity on your part.Now make sure your buttons are buttoned and your shoes are shined, and go ace that interview!

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Logistic Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Logistic Management - Essay Example Outsourcing companies face the loss of tax benefits due to hiring foreign full-time workers. Federal tax penalties can also be imposed on outsourcing companies so as to boost domestic job creation. Reduction of the damage inflicted to goods in transits plays a vital function in cutting the costs of supplying the said goods. Companies, therefore, bear the responsibility of ensuring the safety of goods they are charged to transport. To achieve this, a company can establish policies that ensure their safety. Such policies include those covering package, insurance and providing appropriate means of transport. A company should ensure that the appropriate packing of the goods is done to secure them firmly to avoid rocking while in transit. Fragile goods sustain damage due to undesired movement during transportation. To secure fragile goods firmly during transportation, the use of products such as bubble wraps is employed. Companies have also use insurance to cover damages that may be incurred in transit; it also covers theft (Bowersox et al., 2012). The BUS 320 unit is a crucial course for decision-making in a company, as it shows the importance of weighing one’s decisions appropriately to come up with logical solutions. This way, after taking the course, the business person in an individual is brought out so that any vital aspects of a business can be factored and all perspectives covered. In this light, there is no room for errors, as all issues are dealt with effectively. In addition, this decision-making course allows for sound policies to be generated and implemented so that the institution that one works for or with ends up getting the best there is. This also applies to decisions that involve high risk business ventures as the higher the risk, the higher the returns. However, as this is not always the case, one can again look at all the aspects of the actions taken. This class provides sound skills and knowledge of the